When The Boyfriend visits, Daddy roars!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

By Sai

Hahaha, well not literally roaring like a tiger but Daddy's a bit overprotective of his only daughter (that's me, winks). I guess this is how all dads react if their daughter is beginning to fall in love ;)

My Prince visited his Princess (that's me again, winks) tonight for some quality time together. We played my guitar and researched for a lot of songs and lyrics over the net. We had a great night.
He is my Prince Charming.
When boyfie left, I found Daddy Yoe in his room texting. I can feel him. He doesn't want the idea of having another man in my life but he's kinda preparing for that moment when he'll walk down the aisle with me and hand me over to my beloved husband (Oh gee, what a lovely dream!). I know he likes my Prince Charming. Oh gosh, I want to take a photo of them!

Daddy, don't worry. Nobody can replace you in my heart. You have the biggest part of it and I'm just clearing up a little space for my Prince Charming.


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