My Daddy Feeds Me Well is mainly my journey to my daddy's delicious dishes every day! My dad really cooks well I must say. He was a cook and a manager before in the Middle East when I was still a kid. Currently, I'm enjoying his super meals!

I dedicate this blog to the greatest daddy I ever saw in my lifetime (negative comments are not entertained haha). I really love my dad and because of that I will take him to different places all over the Philippines and, possibly, all over the world to treat him to different restaurants and introduce new dishes to him. Though, I don't cook that much, I will make him taste all the possible dishes I can buy for him. Of course, everything will be featured here.
Food reviews will also be available in this site. What Pinoys enjoy will be seen here. Restaurants around the metro will also be featured and their foods! Yes! Those sinful foods! I'll try to taste them all! One meal at a time. If you want me to go to a specific restaurant just let me know and I'll go (if it's outside the Philippines, finance my trip haha.. and by that I mean finance my trip for real!)

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