The Daddy Yoe Show Episode 2

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

By Sai

I'm so lucky to have a long Christmas vacation. Thanks to our super cool boss! Cheers bossing! Hehehe ;)

I finished all my tasks today. Actually, we have work today but we can do it at home (how cool is that?). I really want to go out today. My feet are telling me to go somewhere. Anywhere but my room hahaha! Too much rest is kinda boring LOL. After I've sent all my report to our clients:

I went downstairs because I'm kinda hungry.
Sai: Dadddddddyyyyyy!
Daddy: Oh, anak! Bakit?
Sai: May tinapay ba tayo dyan? I'm hungry eh
Daddy: Teka lang, bibili ako
(After 5 minutes) I was in my room again just lurking online...

Daddy: Oh, Sai. Ito na yung kape at tinapay mo.
Sai: Thank you Daddy!
Daddy: Wala ka bang lakad ngayon
In my mind: Oh, aba! Dati ayaw ako gumagala nito ah! At ngayon pinapalayas na ko ng bahay
Sai: Wala nga daddy eh. Kanina ko pa gustong umalis :P
My daddy had changed a lot! From a monster to my best friend! Woot! I love you Daddy! Gala kami ni boyfriend pwede? hahaha


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