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Sunday, December 26, 2010

By Sai
I'm so proud to be his daughter ;)
Well, there's no show actually but last night I told daddy:
Sai: Daddy, we should have a TV show! It'd be soooo cool! Sa sobrang kulit natin every day dapat i-share natin to sa mundo!
Daddy: Hahahaha
No, I mean promise, guys! When I'm at the office, I'm this serious lady doing some serious job but when I'm at home I always transform into a jolly kid who loves her Daddy soooo much! Because of our sweet nothings at home I was inspired to blog about it and then there was My Daddy Feeds Me Well!

We have a lot of conversations at home. To think there's only two mouths talking every day - mine and Daddy's. We never ran out of stories to tell. I never get tired of listening to his good old jolly Gabby adventures when my dad was still a kid. I always picture him as Tom Sawyer. Yes, that's how it is and he got a lot (I mean a lot) of stories from being poisoned to being a super hero (with matching tumbling) hahaha.

Oh well, since I have a blog, I'll host our show here (some kinda) hahaha. This is the first episode! I've been posting a lot of our kalokohan via my Facebook account and I'll be migrating those conversations here hahaha

(Day 1)
Sai: Winner ka talaga Daddy! Like, you're so C-O-O-L!
Daddy: Bakit naman ako mag-iinit?
Sai: Huh?
Daddy: Sabi mo I'm so cool?
LOL! Hanudaw? Ganito kami kada gabi :P

(still Day 1)
Sai: Daddy, what do you think? Bagay ba kami?
(and there goes our secret conversation)
Sai: Daddy! Nakakatawa ka talaga! I-s-status ko yan!
Daddy: (Tumatawa) Hoy, baka naman mabasa nya! 
At concerned si Daddy na nabasa ni Tiger ang sinabi nya pero payag sya na i-status ko ang sinabi nya LOL :P

Hahaha, this is anti-Facebook flooding too on my part LOL. I'm so talkative in my Facebook account and someone even told me I should be the "Wall Post Queen" of the year! LOL, I can't help it! Daddy tolerates my big mouth! LOL

Ciao kids! Always remember this; never stop loving your parents! I will never stop loving my Daddy Yoe!


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