Me-Time Moments with Dove Chocolate and Daddy

Saturday, December 4, 2010

By Sai

This morning daddy told me that there are chocolates in the house.
Daddy: Anak, may chocolate pala dito di ka nagsasabi
Sai: Daddy, ako kaya may dala nyan!
Dove chocolate bars, Daddy ate the other chocolates so I wasn't able to take photos of them haha.
Hahaha, Daddy's so cute! He ate one bar and he told me it was really good! These chocolates are from Dove. When my officemate told me that she'll send me some Dove chocolates I was a bit confused. The only Dove I know of is the moisturizing bar hahaha. I thought, "wow nag-chocolate na rin pala ang Dove" but that's only in my mind. I know it sounds stupid and I'd be more stupid if I say it out loud hahaha :))

Oh well, here it is! Dove chocolates to fill up my tummy! My Me-time moments are always shared with the best daddy in the world - mah Daddy Yoe! Dove chocolates are new in the market and I'm very happy that we (I and Daddy) are one of the first few people to try it out first :)
We're like this every day. Kulitan to the max with Daddy
We love Dove chocolates!

At first bite, I already noticed how smooth it is. It does not stick to my gums. It has the perfect sweetness blend that makes me crave for more ;) It's very yummy! I love the violet variant since I'm also a huge fan of hazelnut and almonds :) Daddy loved it too. Unlike other brands (especially imported ones), it's sweetness is perfect for the Pinoy taste! It's not too strong. It's not too sweet. It's just the right chocolate taste I'm looking for.

Dove Chocolates are now available at all local supermarkets and convenience stores. It's reasonably priced at Php45. The following are its variants:
  • DOVE Milk Chocolate
  • DOVE Dark Chocolate
  • DOVE Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Raisin
  • DOVE Chocolate with Crispy Rice
So, what are you waiting for? Grab a DOVE bar now and feel free to share your thoughts and Me-time Moments with DOVE by dropping a comment below ;) Yummy-ness to everyone!


[cookiespink] said...

awww thats cute...

Sai said...

hehe thanks for dropping your comment Cookiespink ;) Thanks for visiting my "daddy and me" blog hehe :)

pEDo said...

May moisturizer din ba yung dove chocolate? :D

Sai said...

Hehe, definitely wala :)) Kasi ang una kong naisip is yung Dove moisturizing bar when I first heard the word "Dove" hehehe :P

melovesflying said...

Awww you and your dad are so sweet. I wish we were like that. Too bad my time with my dad is limited since he's an OFW. :)

Btw, if you have time, can you please answer my survey about blogging? It's for my thesis (I'm a graduating student from UP Manila). It'll only take you a couple of minutes and everything will be kept confidential. Thanks :)

Sai said...

Hi "melovesflying",

Yep, we're very sweet and sometimes I don't feel like he's just my dad - he's my brother, my mentor and my best friend ;) You can always call your dad and make some "kulitan" moments. I'm very talkative and I make my dad laugh even when we're talking over the phone lang.

Thanks for choosing me as one of your respondents. You're case study is very interesting and since I've been there (researching for my thesis) during college (a lot of business papers) I know you really need this so yes I'll participate :)

Hurray to all dads out there!

Gwen - Dishes said...

Happy new year, and best wishes for a great year in 2011.

Sai said...

Hi Gwen,

Thanks for dropping by in my site ^_^ Have a great 2011 too!

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