Holiday Ham, the premium-cut ham

Saturday, November 20, 2010

By Sai
Chef Rob's demonstration at the Holiday Ham Press Launch
Tis the season to be jolly! Why? Because this is the season of gift giving, love and FOOOOOOOD! We all know how Filipinos love eating and preparing our foods especially if there's an occasion. If it's Christmas it's natural for us to throw a big party with our family and friends (think Dawson's Creek).

Our Yuletide celebration is not complete if the celebrity of the table is not around - ham. Speaking of hams, have you tried Holiday Ham? We love it! I and dad love it for three reasons:
It's made from one whole boneless mean from the hind leg.

It's a high-quality smoked ham.
It has no extenders!

Holiday Ham is from the hind leg which is the best cut of pork for delicious hams. This part is tastier and meatier compared to other hams in the market. Now, if you see net marks in your ham that's a sign that it's of high-quality. Noche Buena happens once every year. It's like a celestial event that only happens once a year so I'm going to make sure that we'll have Holiday Ham on Christmas Eve (well, I'll include New Year's Eve too).

And oh! Another reason why I love Holiday Ham: the endorser is yummy too! LOL
Ehem! I'm with the hottest chef in town - Chef Rob


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