The Daddy Yoe Show Episode 3: Fireworks

Friday, December 31, 2010

By Sai

I will never forget December 30, 2010! Daddy is showing a big big progress about me, my future and my maturity! He's a strict dad and I couldn't emphasize that more. That was the very reason why I don't like him when I was a teenager. People change and so is my daddy :)

Boyfriend visited me at home. We bonded and we had fun. He even played my Plants Vs. Zombies game in my laptop. He was pretty determined to beat my 12 flags in the last survival game. Well, after an hour he defeated my record! Deym! Hahaha, he made 17 flags! Woot! Great job dear! 
Boyfriend: May party kami sa office. Pwede ba kita isama?
Sai: Sure. Paalam mo na lang ako kay Daddy.
Daddy was upstairs so I went to his room and asked him:
Sai: Daddy, pwede ba daw ako sumama kay John? Isasama daw nya ko sa party nila sa office.
Daddy didn't say a word but he looked at me like he was teasing me "Uyyyyy..." hahaha

Daddy: Sige. Ingat kayo.
Boom! Woot! Daddy doesn't know how happy he made me. This is the first time he allowed me to go with my boyfriend on my first LEGAL date! hahaha Woot!

We went to boyfriend's office. I met his bosses and we had fun singing  Think of Laura with them and other oldies songs. While one of his boss was singing, I noticed I brought the wrong bag with me. I left my camera at home and my bag's zipper was broken.
Boyfriend: Ay! Di natin naayos yan ah!
Sai: Okay lang. Papaayos ko na lang kay Daddy tomorrow.
Boyfriend: Di mo na kailangan si Daddy. Nandito naman ako eh.
Okay! Major kilig to the bones! Yay! He's soooo like a boyfriend! I mean, sorry, I'm just amazed! That's the first time I heard a man telling me to control my Daddy's girl side. He said it with conviction and with his whole heart! Sigh! I'm so lucky I'm with a man like him!

We went home to get my camera.
(opened the door at home)
Sai: Daddddddyyyyyyyyy
(went upstairs. found daddy lying down in his bed)
Sai: Daddy, I went back to get my camera. Pupunta po kami ni John sa Marikina to watch the fireworks display
Daddy: Oh, anong oras na? (It was 11pm then) Baka naman kung saan kayo magpunta
Sai: (kissed daddy) Daddy! Anowww bahhhh!!! You have to trust me. Manonood lang kami ng fireworks, okay? I have to go. The taxi's waiting sa labas. I love you Daddy!
I went back to boyfriend, who's waiting in the cab, with a big smile in my heart. I'm so happy that Daddy's now okay with things like this. He's the kind of dad that doesn't want big surprises (by big surprises I mean sudden changes). I totally understand him with his "I can't let go of my girl easily" and I love him for that :)

Thank you heaven for making feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Thanks for my boyfriend and for Daddy Yoe ^_^


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