The Daddy Yoe Show Episode 4: Sex and the City

Monday, January 10, 2011

By Sai

At night, when I arrive home from work, we usually have our small conversations at home. We talk about our family, life lessons, celebrities, how work went that day and, sometimes, love.

Tonight is a "love" night. Well, I believe most of the girls out there experienced my dilemma right now.
Sai: Daddy, pwede na ba ko mag-boyfriend? Kasi naman di ba 23 na ko... (This is my "entrada" to Daddy to tell him that Tiger is already my boyfriend hahaha)
Daddy: Oo naman, anak!
And then my soul shouted a big YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!

At bed, I asked daddy again:
Sai: Daddy, sa Sunday papupuntahin ko dito si Gelo huh? (This is my way of saying, "Dad, I want you to meet my boyfriend" hahaha)
Daddy: Sige anak :) (another "oh yes" moment for me hahaha) 
Earlier that day I made a status update in my Facebook saying:
If I'll be married someday I got a theme na! It'll be "Sex and the City" :P
And so I asked Daddy this (well, I was just thinking aloud and not talking about my current boyfriend)
Sino kaya mapapangasawa ko Daddy, no?
Then Daddy replied,
Edi si Gelo!
And that was one of my very first kilig moment because Daddy teased me haha
Sai: Daddy, when I get married I want the theme to be Sex and the City
Then, there were cricket sounds in Daddy's head
Sai: Syempre kailangan "fasyon" ang wedding ko because I'm a fashion blogger! hahaha
Daddy: ahhhhhh... Kala ko mag-du-do kayo sa harap ng tao sa City
Sai: Ano ba Daddy!!!! Sex and the City not Sex "IN" the City haha
I explained the TV series to Daddy while laughing hahaha! Daddy's innocence to shows that I watch are so hilarious every time I'm bringing it up to him hahaha :P

Now, I want to be Carrie Bradshaw when I walk down the aisle. Ammm, minus the real bird on my head hahaha
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City


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