Taste ASYA (Asia) like never before!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Sai

Asia is indeed the largest continent in the planet. With its vast landscape comes a wide variety of different cuisine that you can only taste in Asia. Last August 23, 2010 I discovered a little version of Asia at ASYA!

Where else can you find Asia’s best but in a place where they offer the finest cuisine of Asia – nowhere but at ASYA. ASYA is located at Eton Centris, where a great development is happening to provide another level of urban living to people in the metro. Eton Centris is a perfect place to bring your family and friends, where you can unwind and eat delicious meals.
I had the privilege to taste some of ASYA’s menu. Check out my food review below:

This yummy sushi platter was first served in our table. See the sushi with a brown meat at the top? Yeah that one! I am not a big fan of sushis but this one made me try one. I got intrigued with its name – Scorpion Night. True to its name, it stings like a scorpion because it’s really delicious! I like the sauce where I dipped it because its spicy and I’m a huge fan of spicy foods.

This is another meal that you have to try at ASYA! This Crunchy Oyster is really good! I had some round 2 with this particular dish. I want to get more, actually, but I’m on a Metafit diet so I decided to take the eating part slowly :P

I grabbed a few bites of this menu from Mindanao (our very own!) because a fellow food blogger told me that it tastes like the original Humba from Mindanao. I haven’t been to Mindanao but just by tasting this Humba felt like I’ve tasted Mindanao! Humba is a staple food for people in Mindanao if there’s something to be celebrated. In Manila its counterpart is Menudo.

Of course, who doesn’t know what a Yang Chow Rice is? I love Yang Chow Rice so I also got some of this in my plate but just a little since I’m on a diet :P

This crispy hongkong noodles is actually a bit far for my arms to grab some so I just took a photo :P With how it looks like I’m pretty sure this is yummy too!

This is Kinunot and it’s in my comfort zone. This Filipino meal is from the Bicol region. Bicolanos like spicy and milky food. My mom used to cook Kinunot when I was young and it’s one of my favourite dishes! The Kinunot that the chef prepared for us is not as spicy as it should be. Well, I understand his point for doing that. Not all bloggers like spicy food so he played it safe by making the dish taste neutral – a bit spicy but not too spicy. Perfect!

This Turon is PERFECTTTTTT! It comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and IT’S SO YUMMY I’M GONNA DIE (Agnes from Despicable me tone). I can’t say anything more. It’s really yummy!

This is out of my comfort zone. I want to taste it but nah! I don’t like the idea of “gata” (coconut milk) as a dessert. I didn’t try this. It looks yummy though :P I’m not just a fan of the “gata as dessert” idea. You can try it and comment below so that other readers can check your food review of this Melon Tapioca Pearls with Gata.

*BURP* Excuse me! I’m so full! I ate a lot during the ASYA Food Event. Food there is really great. They have a lot to offer than the dishes you see here. Price is reasonable too! Daddy actually brought his friend there last night and they enjoyed the food :P

‘Til my next food trip!


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