Happy 11th birthday Blogger!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By Sai

My Daddy Feeds Me Well at Blogger Fiesta!
What else to call Blogger’s celebration of its 11th birthday but FIESTA! Fiesta, in the Philippines, is a big feast! True enough, Filipino bloggers celebrated their beloved blogging platform’s birthday with a big bang!
I brought my dad in this event :P He’s a blogger technically since this blog is about the two of us. This blog is for my daddy :P He contributes in this blog by allowing me to take photos of him and sometimes he gives me an idea on what to write next in this blog. So there, thank you daddy for being my inspiration. Daddy will have his own segment in this blog very soon so you watch out for that :)
My Daddy Feeds Me Well
Yes naman! Daddy’s first blogger event! Take note: this is not just “a” blogger event but this is “a major” blogger event! Woohoo! What a great timing to show up in public Daddy Yoe! Hihihi :P

I left early (boo!) because I have to attend another event that night but I got the chance to take some photos of this big event.
Earthlingorgeous at Blogger Fiesta
I am supposed to take a photo of Earthlingorgeous herself but my can is not participating that night. The photo is blurry but hey who’s that guy behind Earthlingorgeous? Daddy Yoe, there you are! Where’s my Krispy Kreme coffee? Hehehe
Azrael of Azrael's Merryland organized the Blogger Fiesta
Azrael started the show with a little background of the whole event. Wte’re live on the net – ALL OVER THE WORLD! Cool!

If you've covered this event too feel free to post your blog posts about Blogger's 11th birthday here so that people can check out other articles too :) Ciao! Bon Appetit!


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