My first Thai food experience at Marriott Hotel

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

By Sai
(Photos and videos will be posted soon)

Last week I was invited by a friend to experience Thai food. Because I haven’t tasted any Thai food in my entire life, I decided to go. My pre-event experience was tiring but amazing. I got lost in the middle of nowhere but luckily I was still in the Philippines. It took me one long bus ride plus two jeepney ride and a tricycle ride to go to this event. This is my first time to commute to NAIA terminal 3, where Marriott Hotel is located and I am very happy.

I was 2 hours late because I came from my day job and a loooooong ride to the venue – so please spare me :P When I got there, everyone was busy eating. Of course, my first impulse is to look for someone I know. I found my friend who invited me and I started taking pictures of the mouth-watering meals in front of me. Here are some of the pictures I took:

This was the exact meal I ate. I am currently losing some extra weight so I decided to eat a little less than I usually do :P I love the little jelly-like sweet thing on the side. I did not see what the name of the delicacy was but believe me it’s very delicious!

I love broccoli! My plate is full of broccoli hahaha!

Before I took my first bite, I noticed most bloggers taking picture of three plates on the table beside me. It was like they were the star of the night! These foods are celebrities in their own right. So when everyone else was gone it was my time to own the tasty foods using my camera.

Here are my photos of some of the food in Marriott Hotel’s Thai Food Festival. You better have a tissue with you because drooling is allowed hahaha

Watch this video and check out my yummy evening at Marriott Hotel 

Thanks for reading my post and hopefully I activated your salivary glands. Have a yummy day ahead!


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