My little 23rd birthday celebration

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

By Sai Verano
This is how I started my day. I took photos of my coffee with my favorite curtain as the background :)

Last April 24, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. It was just like yesterday when I use to play Tumbang Preso and Luksong baka with my playmates and now I'm 23! I just can't believe how time flies so fast!
I usually celebrate my birthday with my family and extended family in my mom's side. This year was a whole lot different! I celebrated it with my friends, my ever loving boyfriend and just my daddy. My mom was also present but it was really Daddy Yoe who prepared the foods and who threw one great party for me!

Since me and Daddy Yoe are both born in April (April 21 and 24 to be exact), we decided to celebrate it on my birthday instead of two separate celebrations. We find it practical that way. This was the first year we celebrated it together! We use to have separate celebrations before because my dad  drinks with his friends and my ninongs and I usually celebrate it just with my cousin (mom's side) and just playing around with my Tito Ben. We have guests as early as 11am. The first batch was my dad's client in his business. I was upstairs when they came. I was busy watching movies and the Big Bang Theory. I think my dad was still preparing the food that time but he made them his signature pancit. They actually ate it all! Well, that's how my dad cooks! He's the best when it comes to cooking.

My boyfriend arrived in our house around 1:30pm or 2:00pm. Actually we're fighting during that time so my birthday didn't start that well but we fixed everything before my friends arrived. My 23rd birthday celebration was very memorable! I had a lot of fun! Check out all the photos of my birthday below:
This is the birthday cake that Carla, Lemon and Rojan gave me.
They know how I hate my real name.
The cake says "(Real Name)! Happy Birthday! We ♥ U!"
I find it very sweet though :)
This is one of daddy's menu for our birthday. His killer fried chicken! Yum yum!
These are my super kwela and loving friends (left to right) Rojan Mercader, Carla Mendoza, Lemon Dagudag, Sai Verano, Lemon Dagudag and Rojan Mercader
Repeating names ey? hehehe

Click here to for photos.


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