Eclipse caused by Venus

Sunday, May 16, 2010

By Sai Verano

I had a visitor tonight. We are talking about business. I'm just so glad that Plurk really updates me! I read in my Plurk timeline that there the moon looks so beautiful tonight.

I asked my dad to check it with me. We both looked for the moon. Because houses in our area are tall, we had a hard time looking for the perfect spot. Too bad for me and daddy because we missed the part where a star is actually on top of the beautiful crescent moon.

Good thing people in my Facebook had some good shots of this event. This is all my camera can offer:
My hands were shaking during this shot. I'm on my toes just to see this one. I'm not tall you know.

Now this is a better shot. This photo is taken by Chats Gray of
Photo taken by Chats Gray
I hope you saw this too :) Beautiful right?


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