Happy Birthday Daddy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

By Sai Verano

Today is my Daddy Yoe's (I call him Daddy Yoe for real) birthday! He's now *toot* (age concealed) haha! Another blessed year for my daddy!

This morning, when we are eating our breakfast, my Daddy Yoe told ne (again) his never-ending childhood misfits and adventures. You know what? Whenever he tells me those stories I just can't help but roll in our carpet! I just can't help but laugh! His childhood is like that of Tom Sawyer's! Cool!
Few decades ago, he was just this cute and mischievous boy! He's never seen without his cape on, pretending to be either superman or batman! He was his playmates heroes! If there are villains around the kiddie town, all he does to scare the enemies away is to do a cartwheel! Amazing right? Haha!

Now that he's grown up, he's not just anyone's hero. He's my Daddy Superhero! This blog was actually inspired by his life teachings, food cravings, adventures and just about anything about me and him! This is what you call father and daughter bonding! Sometimes, I feel that my dad is my soulmate.

Okay Daddy Yoe! I'm not supposed to make you famous because of this post! I just wanted to greet you a "Happy happy birthday!" I love you so much! Don't change cause you literally rock with your white hair! May the Lord bless you more! Don't worry daddy, in the NEAR future I'm going to buy your dream house for you!

I love you sooooo much and heaven knows how much! Check out my birthday gift to Daddy Yoe. It's not something that you can touch. Today, I taught him how to browse the Internet and search for reading articles since he loves reading stuffs about feng shui. See, my daddy knows how to work with Google now!


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