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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

By Sai
Crystal Jade Restaurant
Last week, I was invited by a friend to join their food event at Crystal Jade. Of course, I said yes! It’s nice to test my taste buds :P

I won’t keep on talking here. I actually posted an article at Crystal Jade (you can check it if you want). Now comes the juicy and tasty part! Drum rolls please! Here are the dishes that we tried and here’s my food review.
Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao)
Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling, also known as “Xiao Long Bao” is a type of steamed dumpling from Eastern China and traditionally steamed in small bamboo baskets.
Tasting Note: Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling “Xiao Long Bao” is a steamed dumpling, each perfectly pleated dumpling is filled with pork with a piping hot broth that is distinctively savory. You have to puncture the dumpling wrapper to let out the steam, and then slurp the soup slowly before shovelling the Xiao Long Bao down.

My Review: I actually arrived a bit late in this food tasting event so I did not get to taste this Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling. But I heard it’s one of their best sellers. When I have a chance, I’ll bring daddy in Crystal Jade Restaurant and we’ll try this one :P
Crispy Eel
My Review: I love this Crispy Eel! The taste is very complex yet tasty!
Pork Dumpling with spicy chili sauce
Tasting Note: Delicate pork dumpling with hot and spicy chilli sauce, topped with scallions.
My Review: Very good! I love spicy foods so I really enjoyed this Pork Dumpling :)
Radish Pasty
Tasting Note: Layers of crispy turnip pastry, rich in flavour and taste
My Review: I love the mini Siopao that comes along with this Radish Pastry. There’s veggies inside which is very good!
Steamed Vegetable Bun
My Review: I love this! It’s crunchy because of the veggies inside the bun. The only thing that I don’t like in this dish is the garlic :P Not a fan :P
Tasting Note: A refreshing starter that is crunchy and flavourful on the plate
My Review: I love cucumbers so I enjoyed this dish :) It tastes sour, of course, but it’s delicious :)
Spicy and Sour Soup in Sichuan Style
Tasting Note: Smooth thick soup with complex taste – sour, spicy and savory with interesting crunchy texture.
My Review: I agree with the tasting note that Crystal Jade gave us. This has a weird taste – spicy and I can taste the sourness but this is a must-try! I love this!

Sautted Chicken Chunks and Cashew Nuts in Spicy Sauce
Tasting Note: Chicken chunks, tossed in a piquant dressing of soy sauce, chilli oil and Sichuan pepper. A whole carp, braised in a sauce of chilli-bean paste laced with the heady fragrances of cashew nut, ginger, garlic and spring onions.
My Review: Another tasty dish right here! The texture of the cashew nut is perfect as well as the softness of the chicken chunks :) Eating it inside the tortilla even enhanced the taste of the whole meal. I actually tried eating chicken chunks and cashew nuts first to check how good they cooked each ingredient :P
Sautted String Beans and Minced Pork with Olive
Tasting Note: Deep-fried fresh and nutritious string beans to bring out their natural sweetness. Covered in a light blanket of the special sauce, the chunks of minced pork and olive make the simple dish taste delicious.
My Review: This tastes like the usual Adobong Sitaw but something better. There’s something about the sauce :)
Noodle with Dried Shrimp and Peanut in Spicy Sauce
Tasting Note: This is a classic Chinese Sichuan noodle consists of a spicy sauce with spicy peanut sauce, vinegar and crushed peanuts served over noodle. The flavourful spicy sauce and crushed peanuts paired well with the noodles.
My Review: Hmmmmm, spicy – so I love it. I don’t like the peanut taste in the soup. It’s too much and it actually intensifies the spiciness of the dish (I think :-?)
Yang Chow Rice
Tasting Note: The recipe’s origins lie in the city of Yangzhou in the Jiangsu Province, north of Shanghai, and it’s loaded with shrimp, flavourful Chinese Sausage and egg. Every grain is tossed well with both the seasoning and ingredients, a dish meal that needs very little else except a huge appetite.
My Review: What do you expect? It’s delicious :P I like the taste of the Chinese sausage hehe :P
Mango Pudding
Tasting Note: Unlike heavier puddings thickened with cornstarch or flour, Crystal Jade’s Mango pudding’s delicate texture comes from marrying mangoes with gelatine. The delicate flavour of mango pudding makes it a popular finale every meal.
My Review: What can I say? The tasting note says it all! This is the first pudding that I actually liked. Tastes like summer because of the perfect taste of the mangoes. The sweetness is perfect as well as the texture! Perfectly cooked!
Deep Fried Souffle Ball with Red Bean Paste
Tasting Note: A traditional snack – fluffy “clouds” liked soufflĂ© ball containing a sweet red bean paste.
My Review: Typing the word “fluffy” reminded me of Agnes from Despicable me :P She should try this and let her say, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! It’s so fluffy!” hahaha. I’m not a fan of this dessert. Tastes weird. It will taste sweet at first because of the confectionary sugar and will taste weird as your taste buds touch the red bean paste.
Hot Tea
They served us hot tea. Whew! I needed this so badly! I was so full with all those small amount of dishes! *Burp* Ooops! Excuse me :P


I did not get his name so let me just call him Chef Jang Geum (Jang Geum is a great cook from Jewel in the Palace). He showed us how they make noodles at Crystal Jade. He prepare the dough, pressed it, waved in the air and *whala* you have noodles! And what’s amazing is how he prepared the dough in the same manner but when he twists and after waving (I don’t know the right term, sorry) the dough he made different types of noodles. AMAZING O.o! See it for yourself. Check out the short video I made below:

Here are all the noodles Chef Jang Geum made:
He prepared the dough.
Round noodles
Flat Noodles
Flat noodles with two stripes
Fine noodles - looks like "Miswa" in real life
Thank you for reading my food review! Hope you liked it! You can drop your comments below if you have some questions or if you simply like my post :)

Thank you Crystal Jade Restaurant for inviting us to try your dishes. You can visit them at Unit 117-121, Virra Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City. They are open from 11:00am to 10:00pm everyday! Vegetarian will also enjoy their dishes!

Bon appetit!


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