Century takes Tuna to the Next Level

Monday, October 4, 2010

By Sai

I was invited to cover the press launch of the new Century Tuna Loaf and Century Tuna Sandwich Spread. I got the chance to see Gerald Anderson, who's one of the most in-demand hunk actors in the Philippines' entertainment industry. I like the fact that Century Tuna made the effort to innovate their products that will be of great help for busy people to stay fit and healthy. I tried their new products and they are delicious and healthy too! They chose Gerald as their product endorser since the young actor is also a health-conscious guy. You can check out Century Tuna's press release about their newest products below:

New Century Tuna Loaf & Century Tuna Mayo Spread launched
Gerard Anderson, new endorser of Century Tuna Loaf
Leading an active, healthy lifestyle is one of the hottest trends of today. Though our hectic lives sometimes hinder us from fully fulfilling it, we continue to find ways to keep up and keep fit.
Some take their sweet time in fitness gyms to burn extra calories off. Some take food supplements and religiously follow fad diets of all kinds. While others go for activities like running, poi and capoiera, among others, to make exercising much more fun and rewarding.
In our every step to becoming fit, the Century Canning Corporation, foremost innovation leader and advocate of the healthy life, is one with us! For years, it has been creating superior quality products that make staying in top form an enjoyable experience. And now, it is all set to unveil, not just one but two new special treats for all of us seeking for deliciously healthy eats- Century Tuna Loaf and Century Tuna Mayo Spread.
“We passionately believe that it is very important that we aspire, commit and work hard for a healthy life. Through the years, our products have been our way to inspire people that it is possible and that there are many exciting ways to realize it. Century Tuna Loaf and Century Tuna Mayo Spread are no exceptions. These new offerings are products of our continuous commitment to innovate and to provide everyone with fresh, delicious and convenient food choices that can help them stay fit and satisfied,” said Angela Gamboa, Senior Product Manager of Century Tuna.
Yes, the Century group is taking tuna to the next level! With Century Tuna Loaf and Century Tuna Mayo Spread, we are offered fresh new ways to enjoy all of our favorite Century Tuna’s healthy goodness. This only means that with every scrumptious serving, we are getting the best nutrients that jive just perfectly with our fit and sexy lifestyle as naturally, tuna is an excellent source of protein, potassium, selenium, vitamin B12, niacin and phosphorus. Not to mention that is also rich in Omega 3 DHA, making these deliciously healthy delights good for the mind and for the heart.
If that doesn’t wet your appetite yet, you might also want to know that Century Tuna Loaf and Century Tuna Mayo Spread are produced with no preservatives added and seasoned only with natural ingredients and spices. No need to worry about the unwanted calories too as they’re low in cholesterol and even has zero grams trans fat. Indeed, Century Tuna Loaf which allows us to enjoy that juicy and meaty taste minus the guilt and Century Tuna Mayo Spread which packs nothing less than real tuna flakes in an easy-open can are the newest, absolutely convenient ways to enjoy health!
Last September 16, 2010 at Members Only in Fort Bonifacio Taguig, press and other special guests put on their dance workout shoes and finally got their first big serving of the two new Century products at Move & Groove to Healthy & Sexy, The Century Tuna Loaf & Century Tuna Mayo Spread Launch. In this high-energy affair, not only were the yummy news spread but everyone was also invited to move and groove it with an energetic dance troupe who showed guests how best to rock out a healthy lifestyle with powerfully edgy dance workout routines.
But all the day’s funfair culminated to the grand presentation of the newest member of the Century family, sought after actor and Century Tuna Loaf ambassador Gerald Anderson, recognized for being a true beacon of healthy living. Though caught within the demands and stresses of his busy career, the young heartthrob still passionately leads a dynamic, no-compromise lifestyle. He makes sure he strikes the right balance between work and play and finds time to do the things that helps him become well-rounded and stay on top of his game every time. These include playing basketball, dancing and best of all eating right, the very reason why healthy foods like Century Tuna Loaf fits rightly in his diet.
Like Gerald, we can all enjoy the perks of healthy living simply by regularly following enjoyable fitness activities that best suit our lifestyles and choosing products that keep us happily satisfied and inspired to be healthier, sexier and on top of all, be the best we could possibly be; products like Century Tuna Loaf and Century Tuna Mayo Spread.
Without doubt, the Century Canning Corporation stays true to its commitment to nourish and delight, everyone, everywhere, everyday. Get up and get healthy with New Century Tuna Loaf & Century Tuna Spread! For more exciting details go to www.centurytuna.ph and www.facebook.com/centurytuna.


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