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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Posted by Sai

Breaking a previous world record is already something any country will take great pride for.

But for a country to set a first in the world is something else.

5845 is the number that shook the culinary world last December 14, 2009. It was when the Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) and Kraft Eden Cheese successfully created 5,845 unique cheese-infused dishes in one day.
With this record-breaking milestone, Filipino ingenuity was celebrated at its prime.

But the desire of the two renowned institutions to commemorate Filipino culinary creativity does not stop there,

That is why Café 5845 opened for business.
The first in the world. The Philippines takes pride as Kraft Foods Philippines together with MIHCA launch the first ever cheese café in the world that will serve the most number of cheese dishes at 5845. The Café 5845 will be filling our tummies with different cheese-infused dishes daily, as it brings to life the 5845 dishes that beat India’s record last year.

“It is the world’s first cheese café that will serve the most number of cheese dishes at 5, 845,” Chef Giovasco C. Barlao, VP and Head for Operations--MIHCA proudly says. Mounting and marking yet another first in the culinary world is more than just bringing prestige to the country. “We wanted to share to our fellow Filipinos the joy of tasting 5,845 unique cheese-based dishes that we prepared for the World Record event,” Chef Barlao shares. “Which means we get to share our great passion and love for food with them,” s/he added.
Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts’ Head of Culinary Training Chef Paolo Guevara, VP and Head of Operations Chef Giovasco Barlao and Culinary Arts Instrutor Chef Richard Tan are hands on people who rigorously trains their students to be some of the world’s best chefs – the people behind the training of those who will be serving the 5845 dishes in the Café 5845 at SM MOA.

Spearheaded by MIHCA and Kraft Eden Cheese, Café 5845 promises the public a record-setting dining experience. “Everyday, we will have a different menu featuring some of the dishes used in the record-breaking 5,845 dishes–guests would be too intrigued not to come back for more,” Chef Barlao explains.

With pasta such as Penne Amatriciana with Shrimp & Mushroom, BBQ Pork w/ Cheesy Bechamel Sauce as one of the main courses, Vegetarian pizzas to satisfy vegetarian guests and of course, sandwiches such as Chicken and Cheese Panina lined up in the menu, guests are sure to indulge in a unique dining experience.

Mounted in SM Mall of Asia North Living Seaside Boulevard area, Café 5845 provides greater accessibility to the public. “Everyone, people from all walks of life, may get a taste of the unique and scrumptious dishes served only at Café 5845,” Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Manager for Cheese and Spoonables--Kraft Foods Philippines shares.

Moreover, the café’s architectural design is reminiscent of a quiet and classy European café–complete with an impeccable view of the Manila Bay by its side. “We also considered design and location because they are vital in giving the whole venue a full 360,” Tacderas discusses.

Being the first of its kind in the world, Café 5845 stands as yet another testament of the world-class culinary talent and passion Filipinos greatly exhibit.

“Our love for food doesn’t stop at cooking and eating,” Tacderas says. “We go beyond and venture into something new in order to experience food in a whole new way and share it to the rest to the rest of the world,” he imparts.


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